Bill and Marge Bradshaw met in Hong Kong while serving as LDS missionaries and later returned with their five children to preside over the work there and in South Vietnam.  Their 50th wedding anniversary was celebrated in 2011.  They lived in Boston, Urbana, IL, Seattle, and Oak Ridge, TN as Bill pursued graduate studies.  Marge is a graduate of the University of Wyoming, and retired elementary school teacher.   Bill was a Harvard undergraduate, and retired at the end of 2007 after 37 years as a professor of molecular biology at BYU.  They are strong supporters of all their children, including a gay son Brett, his husband Jeff, and their daughter Madeline who live in Oakland, California.  Marge and Bill have presented periodically to university student groups in an effort to raise awareness of a variety of issues relevant to LGBT individuals, and Bill is currently publishing the results of studies on these topics which he has conducted with colleagues at Utah State University.   You may contact us at
Gary and Millie Watts are fifth generation Mormons. All of their ancestors crossed the plains and settled in Utah. Gary and Millie were raised in Logan, Utah. They are graduates of USU. Gary is a graduate of the U of U Medical School. He practiced Radiology and Nuclear medicine at UVRMC in Provo. He retired in 2010. Gary and Millie have six children. Four of their children are straight. They also have a lesbian daughter and a gay son. Gary and Millie are always willing to meet and talk with parents of gay children. You may contact them at or 801-374-1447.
Clair and Marsha Nielson live in Orem, Utah and are the proud parents of four beautiful daughters and 12 amazing grandchildren. Our oldest daughter is gay. She graduated from BYU and works for a large law firm in New York City. She came out 20 years ago. Her example smoothed the way for other gay members of our extended family to be understood and accepted for who they are. Clair is a graduate of Arizona State University and is a licensed clinical social worker (retired). Marsha is a graduate of Utah Valley University and was a rural letter carrier for the US Postal Service (also retired). Family Fellowship has been a safe and supportive place for us to share our journey with other parents of gay children. The things we have learned by having a gay child have been a great blessing in our lives. You may contact us at