Write Your Family or Personal History

Family or personal histories are needed to help other families understand same-sex orientation and grow stronger through the experience. These personal stories can be beneficial for those who write them and for those who read them.

Invite Folks in Your Area to Your Home

You can do a tremendous amount of good by inviting people into your home who are dealing with homosexuality or who are interested and concerned about the issue. Talking about sensitive subjects in a warm, comfortable, friendly atmosphere goes a long way toward helping ease tensions and increase understanding.

Help With a Local Support Group

Several organizations may be available in your area, such as ReconciliationAffirmation, People Who Care, PFLAG, etc. It’s easy to help out with support groups, and can be extremely rewarding. Phone numbers for these and other organizations are available. If you are interested in starting a Family Fellowship chapter in your local area, simply submit a ‘Contact‘ request with your name, phone number and a message indicating your interest in starting a local chapter and we will contact you with assistance. If you are considering looking to get involved via email or phone support to others you may want to consider joining our ‘Contact Directory‘.